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week 10 welcome

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all, and welcome to our final week of structured content for the course. Thank you all once again for your amazing energy, creativity and insight throughout the semester. You’ve built a wonderfully supportive community (yes, I’ve said it!) in this space, and we hope it’s been as fascinating and excellent for [...]

Week 6 is here!

We’re here at the midway point of the semester – and Sian and I are delighted with all the vibrant, engaged, exciting work that’s being done on this course. Well done to everyone.
You should all have had your mid-point formative lifestream feedback by email last week – if you haven’t received yours, or have any [...]

onward to week 5 and block 2

The work on the visual artefacts has been genuinely impressive, and I think it’d be good to extend our commenting period on those for a few days, as we enter week 5 and the second block of study.
This is where we begin to investigate the notion of ‘online community’, and virtual ethnography as a research [...]

Week 4!

Welcome to week 4! 
(inspired by Martin…)
This week the main activity will be creating and discussing visual artefacts which help draw out themes, issues or ideas from across Block 1 of the course.
Remember that you want your artefact to appear in your lifestream, and for us to have somewhere to discuss it, so if you [...]

Week 3….

It’s been another great week on twitter and in the blogs, but now we move on beyond the film festival to week 3, and a shift in focus from popular cyberculture to one aspect its emergence in education – engagement with the multimodal, with the visual and new associated literacies. The readings for the next [...]

Week 2 – welcome

Week 1 was fast paced and fun – congratulations to everyone who’s been able to get their heads round the various course environments! Your blogs and lifestreams are looking great, the film festival twittorials have been energetic and insightful (to say nothing of the synchtube screenings!), and a culture of commenting and discussion is starting [...]

Week 1 – welcome

Welcome everybody to the start of ‘E-learning and digital cultures’.
As you know, this is one of the more experimental courses on the MSc, in which we’re using a ‘radically open’ course design to explore some of the most interesting and exciting ideas and practices emerging in the study of digital culture, and what they might [...]

It’s orientation week!

Hi everyone, and welcome to orientation week. An email went out late yesterday afternoon with details of how to access your Wordpress blog and lifestream – look out for the one from me which explains how to log in with EASE.
It’s great to see some early experiments with the look and functionality of your Wordpress [...]