Week 6 is here!

We’re here at the midway point of the semester – and Sian and I are delighted with all the vibrant, engaged, exciting work that’s being done on this course. Well done to everyone.

You should all have had your mid-point formative lifestream feedback by email last week – if you haven’t received yours, or have any questions, let your tutor know.

This is the week to begin work on your micro-ethnography. You should now have decided what to focus on – if you are still in any doubt, please email your tutor to discuss. You can continue to use the Holyrood Park Hub discussion board space, Twitter, and your blogs to discuss your plans and emerging issues with each other.

Remember as you proceed that this is a small and low-stakes project – it needs to appear in your lifestream, but it is primarily intended as an opportunity to be creative and to understand in practice some of what’s discussed in this block’s readings. It’s also a way for you to provoke more fantastic conversation amongst the group, so do feel free to be experimental and questioning in your process and presentation. Not that we need to say that to this group!

Have a great week, everyone.

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