lifestream submission

Your lifestream assignment is due at midnight on Sunday 12 December 2010. The assignment is worth 50% of your final mark and consists of:

  • your lifestream items over the period of the course
  • your weekly lifestream summaries (see the course handbook for instructions about what these should consist of)
  • your 500 word end-of-lifestream summary.

To submit:

  1. Edit your lifestream as needed (see screencast for instructions on this)
  2. Check that your weekly summaries and your end-of-lifestream summary are all present.
  3. Make sure your start and end dates for your lifestream are correct and that your settings show enough lifestream entries*.
  4. Browse through your lifestream to make sure it works and looks the way you want it to.
  5. Copy your final 500 word summary to a word processing document for uploading to WebCT.
  6. Go to the course WebCT site and follow the instructions for the “lifestream assignment submission”.

See the course guide for more information about the assessment criteria, and contact your tutor if you have any queries about all this.

*go to the ‘Settings’ link in the Lifestream menu and set up how many items you want to show (we recommend a high number to ensure that all of your course stream is visible), and what the start and end dates for your lifestream should be. As you want your lifestream to cover the period of the course, make sure to start around about 10 September 2010 (10‐Sep‐10), and make the end date around 14 December 2010 (14‐Dec‐10). There are more detailed instructions in the course guide

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    [...] review and edit your lifestream before 12 December. The detail of what to do for this is up on the ‘lifestream submission’ [...]


    [...] 1. Lifestream – due this Sunday (12 December) by midnight. I’ve made a brief screencast that shows you how to edit your lifestream to prepare it for submission. All the instructions for submitting the lifestream are on the lifestream submission page. [...]


    Hi jen

    I want to extend my lifestream prior to course (already done and argued for in my summaries) is this ok for the assessment?



    interesting idea, Ali – yes, I’m happy for you to do that. The assessment criteria will only apply to the period of the course, but as part of ‘reflection’ in your summaries, no problem!

  6. Alison Johnson Says:


    Great thanks