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Tuesday night’s chat

Here’s tonight’s transcript. Thanks everyone!

Week 2 – welcome

Week 1 was fast paced and fun – congratulations to everyone who’s been able to get their heads round the various course environments! Your blogs and lifestreams are looking great, the film festival twittorials have been energetic and insightful (to say nothing of the synchtube screenings!), and a culture of commenting and discussion is starting [...]

Another Synchtube gathering

This week’s were fun, so we thought we’d schedule another one! Come along if you can.
Date: Tuesday 28 September 2010
Time: 8pm UK time
Duration: half an hour (ish)
Topic of discussion: World Builder
World builder is about 9 mins long, but we could in principle discuss another short film (c 2 mins) too – comment on this [...]

Films nominated by the group

I’ve gathered together film clips suggested in everyone’s tweets and blogs – loads of good stuff here. Please let me know if I missed anything! I’ll keep adding to the list.
Disease of machinery from Westworld (1973)
Attack ships on fire from Blade Runner
Humans & Super-Intelligent Machines (Robert Sawyer interview)
The Mactiny, the smallest computer in the world
Daft [...]

Lifestream setup screencasts/videos

I was testing out the very excellent web-based screencasting tool yesterday and decided to make a couple of lifestream setup screencasts to talk through the process of getting to grips with your lifestream. I hope they’re useful – let me know if you’d like additional ones made on a particular aspect of the lifestreams [...]

Transcripts from Synchtube tutorials, Week 1

Here are the transcripts of the text chat from our tutorial/screenings in Synchtube in Week 1 of the course. Thanks everyone for a great couple of chat sessions.
Tutorial 1
First: our fantastic (if slightly technically challenging!) evening on Wednesday 22 September. We talked about “Bendito machine (Episode 3 – Obey His Commands)“.
Transcript 1: the part of [...]


A few people have been asking for more information on the lifestream, so we thought it might be helpful to expand a bit here, as everyone grapples with setting theirs up.
The first thing to be aware of is that your blog posts within WordPress will automatically feed into your lifestream, so any blogging you do [...]

Week 1 – welcome

Welcome everybody to the start of ‘E-learning and digital cultures’.
As you know, this is one of the more experimental courses on the MSc, in which we’re using a ‘radically open’ course design to explore some of the most interesting and exciting ideas and practices emerging in the study of digital culture, and what they might [...]

Logging in to your blog

This year we’ve tried something new – creating a way for you to access and login to your Wordpress blog using your University of Edinburgh authentication. The system is working pretty well, but Wordpress has a habit of throwing up its own login requests from time to time, and these can be frustrating because they [...]

It’s orientation week!

Hi everyone, and welcome to orientation week. An email went out late yesterday afternoon with details of how to access your Wordpress blog and lifestream – look out for the one from me which explains how to log in with EASE.
It’s great to see some early experiments with the look and functionality of your Wordpress [...]