onward to week 5 and block 2

The work on the visual artefacts has been genuinely impressive, and I think it’d be good to extend our commenting period on those for a few days, as we enter week 5 and the second block of study.

This is where we begin to investigate the notion of ‘online community’, and virtual ethnography as a research method. The end-point of this block will be your own piece of ethnographic micro-research to be posted up by week 7, but as a first step we will spend this week discussing ideas for communities that you’d like to look at, and sharing thoughts on media you might use for presenting your ethnography, while also doing the readings.

Discussion will take place in the EDC forum on the Holyrood Park Hub. You’ll find the discussion forum topic here. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up to the group first before trying to post. This is a public forum so let’s see how it goes – if we feel we need a more private space for this, Jen and I can set one up. No doubt ideas will migrate from the discussion forum to blogs and to Twitter anyway.

After this week, you’ll be working largely alone in conducting and presenting your ethnography, though in week 7 we should have some good exchanges going on around the ethnographic representations as they start appearing. This seemed to work really well for the visual artefacts.

One other thing – Jen and I will be giving some feedback on the lifestreams by email sometime this week, so you’ll each be hearing from us with some thoughts on how this is going in terms of the final assessment. Please drop us a line if you’ve any concerns.

Block 1 has seen some really great work – thanks for all the time and creative energies you’ve given to this – it all bodes very well for the ethnographies!

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