bring a friend to class

Do you have a friend or colleague who would find the topics for weeks 8 & 9 relevant or intriguing?

Why not invite them to do the readings, participate in the wallwisher posthuman task, and comment on the blogs and in Twitter with us? They can blog in their own blog spaces and tweet the links for us, or they could send you their thoughts and you could blog on their behalf.

Comment on this page to let us know who you’re inviting and why, and where we can find them!

3 Responses to “bring a friend to class”

  1. Alison Johnson Says:


    Hi Jen/Sian, how much time would the interested parties need to committ to? – Will it follow our standard 7 hours ish per week guide or not –

    do you send out a note to them introducing activities and whats involved in their participation?



    Hi Ali – I think we’d just have to say they can spend as much time as they’d like to or are able to – they may only be able to do a little bit and that’s fine.

    It’d be a case of you contacting them and introducing the activities and seeing what they’d be interested in contributing.

    We did this last year and it was fun – a nice way of making the open classroom really open : )


    [...] and tweet along with the class? Let us know who’s joining us in the comments on the ‘bring a friend to class‘ [...]