all the assignments in one place

In no particular order:

Sue Grundy
Reflections on studying in the lifestream

Michael Gallagher
Urban cultural heritage, augmented reality and the flaneur as learning type

Hugh O’Donnell
The new and the old in the production of texts

Sindhu Radhakrishnan
MASHABLE: a case study

Alison Johnson
Lost in splace

James Lamb
A vision of the future? Exploring the potential of the multimodal assignment

Linda Matthews
Grotesqery in  online identity and culture

Jeremy Knox
Deferral and difference

Marie Leadbetter
Privacy online

Charmaine McKenzie
How digital culture is constructed in two newspapers
(password required – please ask Charmaine)

Sharon Boyd
Soil, soul and society

Dennis Dollens
not yet available

Noreen Dunnett
The place of narrative in posthuman culture

Mark Garratt
Aspects of digital community representation and the negotiation of individual identity

Martin Gibb
Digital visual literacy

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