building your ethnography

How might you represent your work? The key criteria are that your micro-ethnography should be online somewhere, and should feed into your lifestream. You might choose to:

Unlike with the visual artefact at the end of block 1 you are likely to need to include at least some textual material for this piece of work.

Please post a comment here to let everyone know where your ethnographic representation is – tweet it too!

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    I’ve linked my ethnography from my blog ( through to Vuvox, happy reading :)


    [...] you can post a comment to the Building your ethnography page to say where your ethnography is, that’d be great, as I have a hunch they are going to [...]


    Just posted my v-ethnography to my lifestream


    Mine is available in a few different places.

    Tumblr (actual Prezi):
    Blog (recording of Prezi):

    Thanks everyone!

  5. Noreen Dunnett Says:


    My ethnography can be accessed from the image link on my blog page here. Comments can be left on the blog page as well. Thanks.

  6. Mark Garratt Says:


    Here is mine,

    I have added it as a new page within the EDC main blog.

    Regards, Mark



    Where do comments go?


    Here is my ethnography. Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s work.


    Ah – tweeted mine last night but forgot to post here – sorry folks :)


    Finally, here’s my study. There’s a button/link underneath the study to take you to my blog in case you want to comment.


  11. Hugh O'Donnell Says:


    (Sorry that it took so long)

    Find my study at:

  12. Hugh O'Donnell Says:


    (just in case Youtube processing takes longer than expected, it can also be found here:

  13. Hugh O'Donnell Says:
  14. Alison Johnson Says:


    Hi digital ethnography posted to twitter and my digital cultures blog – please leave any comments on my blog




    The following archive of blog posts serves as my micro-ethnography:

  16. Linda Matthews Says:


    My ethnography can be found as a page in my blog. It contains links (I’m getting brave) one of which is to Prezi. I would appreciate it if you would let me know if the links work. I’ve tested and it is ok, but I would really appreciate some confirmation.

    I would be grateful if any comments could be left as a comment on the blog page. Thank you and I look forward to reading your work.

  17. Marie Leadbetter Says:
  18. Sindhu Radhakrishnan Says:


    Follow this link for my microethnography.