week 3 skype chats

Over this week we will have tutorial sessions in Skype to discuss the core readings. Please sign up to one of these by posting a comment to this page.

Wednesday 6 October 8pm
Thursday 7 October 10am

Tutorials will last one hour. Please make Jen and Sian both Skype contacts before the event – sianbayne1 and jross28.

16 Responses to “week 3 skype chats”

  1. martin gibb Says:


    can you sign me up for the 8pm slot on wednesday please, looking fwd to it :)


    I will be there Wednesday at 8:00 PM. See you there Martin et al!


    I’ll join Martin for the Wednesday slot, please. Looking forward to it.


    Wednesday at 8 please.

  5. Jeremy Knox Says:


    Wednesday at eight, pretty please


    Wednesday 8pm would be great


    I’m having difficulty with both these times. 8pm UK times is 11pm here and as I have a young family, staying up late is usually a bad idea.
    10am is 1pm here and on a Thurs, I have to collect my 2 children from school as they finish at 1.10 as it’s the last day of the week.


    I’ll go for Thurs 10 a.m then since Wed seems to be getting a little crowded. Much as I will miss the banter with my cohort – James, Jeremy, Michael!

  9. Linda Matthews Says:


    Wednesday 8pm for me, if this is ok. I look forward to the discussion.

  10. Sharon Boyd Says:


    I’m afraid I’ll be joining the crowd on Wednesday at 8 – I can’t make Thursday at 10 am. Should be a busy chat though! I’ll miss you Noreen :)

  11. Mark Garratt Says:


    Hope numbers won’t be an issue, but can I please go for Wednesday at 8 ?


    I could join only for the Wednesday 8pm chat as I am working full time and no time off… Please enroll me.



    Could I please be signed up for the wednesday at 8pm time slot as I won’t be able to make the Thursday time slot.

    Looking forward to it.




    [...] now – could the few who haven’t try to do this sometime today or tomorrow by commenting on the week 3 page? If you can manage Thursday that would be ideal to keep Noreen company! We’ll split the Wednesday [...]


    Sorry Noreen – I’m a wednesday girl as work thursday



    OMG – can I hold my own with Sian and Jen? I think not! Come on someone – Thurs 10 a.m – throw a sickie if necessary!