all the posthuman pedagogy tasks in one place

Sharon - posthuman pedagogy task

DenniseL Tower, 1st render

Martinsome “rough” ideas

Michael - Ulysses as posthuman pedagogy

James - the academic conference and discussion board as posthuman pedagogy

Noreen - second life prom

Sindhu - enhancing human intellectual capacity

Mark - second life

Ali - cybernetics 2

Sue - posthuman authenticity

Marie - learning to swim using youtube

JeremyShamanistic Teaching – informing a posthuman pedagogy

CharmaineGoing back in time to test the posthuman – ancient engineering

Linda - Posthuman pedagogy

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    [...] pedagogy’ idea, so some are still to come in. Those that already have are up on the ‘all the ideas in one place’ page – if we’ve missed any please let us [...]


    Hi Sian and Jen:

    I don’t see my task here. It’s int he blog.