Week 1 – welcome

Welcome everybody to the start of ‘E-learning and digital cultures’.

As you know, this is one of the more experimental courses on the MSc, in which we’re using a ‘radically open’ course design to explore some of the most interesting and exciting ideas and practices emerging in the study of digital culture, and what they might mean for educational practice.

There’s a lot of lifestreaming, blogging and tweeting activity already, which is great! It can take a while to fine-tune the lifestream to get it doing exactly what you need it to do, so please seek out help from me or Jen if you need it. Communication on this course may seem strangely ‘disaggregated’, with the absence of a discussion board, but as the first few weeks pass it should all start to hang together and the group will start to feel more like a coherent community. The blogs are key to this so please do spend a bit of time reading each other’s words when you can, and commenting when inspired to do so.

We’ll all be meeting this week in the synchronous tutorials in synchtube. The synchtube rooms are now available on the Film Festival page. We’ll be watching and chatting about Bendito Machine on Wednesday 8pm, and a clip from ExistenZ on Thursday morning at 10am.

Bendito Machine stands alone, but if you don’t know the film, you might find it useful to read the wikipedia plot summary of ExistenZ before the tutorial to get a bit of context.

Try to get along to at least one of the synchtube tutorials so we can do some socialising as well as course discussion – and remember we’ll also be tweeting on the film selection for this week, between Wednesday and Sunday.

Finally – best of luck with all your studies this semester – we hope you enjoy Digital Cultures!

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    Has anyone seen this film by Daft Punk: