week 1 and 2 readings

YouTube Preview ImageThe core and secondary readings for this section are available here.  The chapters and journal articles are copyright protected so you will need to be logged in via EASE to access them. Some texts are available as an e-book as well as pdf. All links are to a pdf unless otherwise indicated.

Hand, M (2008) Hardware to everywhere: narratives of promise and threat, chapter 1 of Making digital cultures: access, interactivity and authenticity. Aldershot: Ashgate. pp 15-42.

Bell, D (2001) Storying cyberspace 1: material and symbolic stories, chapter 2 of An introduction to cybercultures. Abingdon: Routledge. pp6-29. [e-book] [PDF] (To access the e-book, choose ‘UK Access management federation’ from the drop down menu and click Go. Log in with EASE.)

Sterne, J (2006) The historiography of cyberculture, chapter 1 of Critical cyberculture studies. New York University Press. pp.17-28.

Poster, M (2006) The good, the bad and the virtual, chapter 7 of Information please: culture and politics in the age of digital machines. Duke University Press. pp.139-160.

Johnston, R (2009) Salvation or destruction: metaphors of the internet. First Monday, 14(4). [web site]

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    [...] Along with the film festival, continue with the core and secondary readings for this fortnight. [...]