week 10 welcome

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all, and welcome to our final week of structured content for the course. Thank you all once again for your amazing energy, creativity and insight throughout the semester. You’ve built a wonderfully supportive community (yes, I’ve said it!) in this space, and we hope it’s been as fascinating and excellent for you as it has been for us to be part of its unfolding.

This week’s readings make explicit links between learning and teaching, and the cyborg and posthuman theory we’ve been discussing over the past few weeks. Along with the readings, we’d like you to complete a small ‘posthuman pedagogy’ task – please post a link to your idea or example on the task instructions page, which we’ll collate in one place as the week progresses.

Also this week – if you haven’t yet discussed and confirmed your final assignment topic and medium with your tutor (either directly by email, or in your blog), please do so ASAP – we’d like to have communicated with everyone by the end of this week. Weeks 11 and 12 are assignment preparation weeks, so you will want to know going into them what your topic and planned medium will be. Please also consult your tutor about any additional assessment criteria you wish to nominate.

Finally, a reminder that your lifestream is due for submission on Sunday 12 December. The last item in the lifestream should be a 500 word summary, posted in your blog. All the information and instructions about how to prepare and submit your lifestream is on the lifestream assignment page. Let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great week!

2 Responses to “week 10 welcome”


    Hello, Is there a site were the assignments from last year’s course have been gathered together – I’m just interested to see the format that others have used to get a sense of what is possible and what I think I might be able to do in the time available. Thanks! Sue


    hi Sue – yes there is! Here’s the page with the last set of assignments (not the full set, as not everyone wanted to have their assignment publicly linked to):