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weeks 11 and 12

We’re getting to the end of this course now, and with the final posthuman pedagogy tasks coming in, we’re now starting on the final period of assignment preparation.
There are no structured tasks for the next two weeks – rather, this is time to get ideas in place for your final assignment and to get feedback [...]

week 10 welcome

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all, and welcome to our final week of structured content for the course. Thank you all once again for your amazing energy, creativity and insight throughout the semester. You’ve built a wonderfully supportive community (yes, I’ve said it!) in this space, and we hope it’s been as fascinating and excellent for [...]

week 9: continuing to trouble

This week continues the reading and thinking on cyborgs, posthumans, binaries and other troublesomeness – building to next week when we begin applying some of this to the challenge of pedagogy and learning design. The blog posts on these themes have been really great – in particular it’s so exciting to see multimodal ‘writing’ and [...]

It’s week 8, and block 3!

Welcome, everyone, to Block 3, our final block of the course!
The micro-ethnographies you have created show a tremendous amount of effort, skill, and creative and critical thinking – we are extremely impressed. We suggest spending a few more days commenting on ones you may not have had a chance to see or discuss yet (Sian [...]

week 7: ethnography week

It’s clear from the blogs that everyone’s working really hard on the ethnography, and the ideas coming through are stunning. This week, aim to post your ethnography as soon as you can to allow some good time for commenting.
If you can post a comment to the Building your ethnography page to say where your ethnography [...]