Logging in to your blog

This year we’ve tried something new – creating a way for you to access and login to your Wordpress blog using your University of Edinburgh authentication. The system is working pretty well, but Wordpress has a habit of throwing up its own login requests from time to time, and these can be frustrating because they don’t work with the EASE authentication we’ve put in place.

So, just to be clear: there is only one method by which you can access your blog dashboard on this web site, and that is by going to


If you are not already logged in with EASE, you will see a page that looks like this:

Enter your student number and your EASE password, and you should be taken to the dashboard, where you can edit your lifestream, approve comments, create blog posts, and customise your Wordpress site.

At various points in your personal blog, or when you are notified by email of comments on your blog, you may be offered a link which takes you to a non-EASE login page that looks like this:

This page is no use to you at all – nothing you type here will get you access to your dashboard. We will try to sort it out so that this page doesn’t appear, but in the meantime just be aware that you should ignore this page and go straight to http://edc.education.ed.ac.uk/wp-admin. You may want to bookmark this link so you can go directly to it.

Hope that’s clear – let us know if you have any questions about it.

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