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E-learning and Digital Cultures has been…

…a 12-week course element of the fully-online University of Edinburgh MSc in E-learning. The course finished in December 2010.
It was designed as an open-access, disaggregated learning environment which pulled together content, readings, tweets, blog postings and other social media in an attempt to explore what is most interesting not only about theories [...]

Lifestream setup screencasts/videos

I was testing out the very excellent web-based screencasting tool yesterday and decided to make a couple of lifestream setup screencasts to talk through the process of getting to grips with your lifestream. I hope they’re useful – let me know if you’d like additional ones made on a particular aspect of the lifestreams [...]

Transcripts from Synchtube tutorials, Week 1

Here are the transcripts of the text chat from our tutorial/screenings in Synchtube in Week 1 of the course. Thanks everyone for a great couple of chat sessions.
Tutorial 1
First: our fantastic (if slightly technically challenging!) evening on Wednesday 22 September. We talked about “Bendito machine (Episode 3 – Obey His Commands)“.
Transcript 1: the part of [...]

Logging in to your blog

This year we’ve tried something new – creating a way for you to access and login to your Wordpress blog using your University of Edinburgh authentication. The system is working pretty well, but Wordpress has a habit of throwing up its own login requests from time to time, and these can be frustrating because they [...]

Welcome to 'E-learning and digital cultures'

Welcome to all University of Edinburgh MSc in E-learning students who are studying this course over semester 1. This fragment of the web is where much of the activity for our work over the coming weeks will be located – link from here to our discussion board, your blog, your lifestream and the course [...]