E-learning and Digital Cultures has been…

…a 12-week course element of the fully-online University of Edinburgh MSc in E-learning. The course finished in December 2010.

It was designed as an open-access, disaggregated learning environment which pulled together content, readings, tweets, blog postings and other social media in an attempt to explore what is most interesting not only about theories of digital culture, but also about the forms and practices of contemporary e-learning.

The site will stay up indefinitely, as will the 2009 instance. Access to students’ blogs and lifestreams, to all course content, to the visual and ethnographic artefacts created during this course, and the final assignments, are all available from here (see the right hand column for links). Only copyright-protected readings are protected by passwords.

For more information about what we’ve been doing on this course, contact the tutors – Sian Bayne and Jen Ross, School of Education, University of Edinburgh.


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