Welcome to 'E-learning and digital cultures'

Welcome to all University of Edinburgh MSc in E-learning students who are studying this course over semester 1. This fragment of the web is where much of the activity for our work over the coming weeks will be located – link from here to our discussion board, your blog, your lifestream and the course content. And please remember that all of this – apart from the discussion board and the copyright protected readings – is public and open to the web!

The course looks at online learning within the context of the emergence of a specifically digital culture, drawing on theory from media studies, cultural studies and the study of cyberculture, as well as the educational research influenced by these areas of thought. We consider the possiblity of cyborg pedagogy, twitter a film festival on the theme of cyberculture, conduct micro-virtual ethnographies and explore the visual representation of academic discourse, all in the interests of a deeper understanding of how internet cultures and learning cultures are intersecting and changing each other.

The course starts on Monday 20 September 2010, and runs for 12 weeks.

Your tutors are Sian Bayne and Jen Ross. You know how to contact us – but also watch this space here for course announcements and other things you should know about. Best of luck with your studies this semester!

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