Nov 22 2010

eL Tower 1st Render

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eL Tower. 1st Render

Posthuman pedagogy here lies in the idea of generating digitally, within nature, as natural. These images are attempts to use natural attributes from trees, simulated through digital algorithms, and generated in software, leading to a bio-digital and eventually to a living or semi-living architecture, as a means to discuss prostheses in nature analogous to those in cyborgian theory, as well as transliteracy involving line, form, and space as partners with text in eLearing.

See generative sequence in the post for 21 November.

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  1.   Siân Bayneon 29 Nov 2010 at 11:29

    The generative sequence is beautiful to imagine unfolding, and I really like the genuine (and also generative) hybridity of the natural/digital you are working with here. I wonder about the ‘pedagogy’ angle though, and how you would work with students through this image and complex set of related ideas. As the starting point for a brief? As a discussion point in class? As an assignment topic requiring explict reflections on transliteracy? I can see loads of ways of making it work – thanks for this Dennis.

  2.   Dennis Dollenson 29 Nov 2010 at 14:20


    The pedagogy is an aspect to work out. I have never taught a class based on my work — I’ve always shown it, made it available for discussion, but not used it in such a direct model because aesthetics are so closely embedded. I’m interested in the works creating a focus for hybridity and challenging students to find other aesthetic/digital/technical directions. Your post now has me thinking that my generative sequences could be paralleled without being templates. That both analog exercises and digital generations could lead out from each step (rhizomic?) as a module of morphological development and could be used in both introductory biomimetic classes as well as in advanced software simulation and fabrication studios.

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