all the visual artefacts in one place

Here’s where we’ll post a list of links to all the visual artefacts – please post a comment on this page to give us the link to your artefact.

Sharon - Artefact 1

Dennis – this is Rhino

NoreenLost in Cyberspace

MichaelSensemaking in Digital Cultures

Markcavecircuit painting

Martina classroom scene using Skype emoticons, with a tag tree

SueDigital Cultures

Alithe cybermeme

LizI’m a digital immigrant… get me out of here

Jeremyvisual artefact

JamesThe Shout by Simon Armitage as a digital artefact & My entry in the digital cave painting competition

MarieDigital Artifact: lifetagging

LindaWalking the Line

Hugh - A Robot’s Ode to Autumncomment at his blog & Past, Present and Futurecomment at his blog

SindhuMaking Sense of Multiliteracy under the same context

bonus artefact: Gallery of Mediated Artefacts (GOMA) – an “an exhibition of work by digital artists studying the MSc in E-Learning at The University of Edinburgh”, curated by James.

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    [...] you’ve posted your artefact, please post a comment here to give us a link to it, and tell us (if it isn’t obvious) where you want [...]


    Hello all,

    Here is my artefact. I created it using Prezi, but I embedded it into my Tumblr blog so it would be easier to comment.

    You should be able to comment directly there, but if not, please let me know and I will find a workaround for it.



    I’ve posted a Screenr video and description on my Lifestream and at YouTube.

    Comments welcome, Thanks.


    Really enjoying everyone’s digital artefacts. Here’s my own contribution including some preamble:



    Mine is here
    sorry it is rather feeble…will try again and do something more avent-garde.


    Sorry previous link doesn’t seem to work.

    But this one hopefully does:

  7. Mark Garratt Says:
  8. Marie Leadbetter Says:


    I’m going to have to ask you all to stop being so efficient! I have started my digital artifact, it is here,-2.794883&spn=0.003716,0.008991&z=16

    but it’s nowhere near anything like finished, in fact, i’ve only just begun! Feedback would be nice though if you want..


    Like the idea of the map Marie. You feel ,like me, I think, constantly behind…feel that I am lifelagging! Sue

  10. Noreen Dunnett Says:


    Glad you said that Marie and Sue – just decided I was being a bit too ‘precious’ about my visual artefact and should just get it posted!


    Me too!!! :) I like the idea of lifelagging Sue – must get a t-shirt.

    Here’s my starter for ten:

  12. Noreen Dunnett Says:


    I think you can access my visual artefact, which is called “Lost in Cyberspace” on Prezi and comment there as well – let me know if there are any problems.

    There are two short video clips at the beginning and end of the presentation which you need to hover over and click to start – hope you enjoy it!



    Following on from Michael’s post on the Hub, I’m really fascinated by getting an brief glimpse into the lives of my fellow EDC-ers lives in a break-the-ice-and-get-a-sense-of-the-person-behind-the-avatar kind of way.

    Marie has gone from being ’someone I can’t place on the map’ to ’someone who likes a G&T, shares the odd cup cake and goes to a cool cinema’. This is a good thing isn’t it, getting a sense of other folk? I think so.


    hi all,

    apologies for arriving to the ‘visual party’ slightly late (fashionably late?!)

    I’ve stuck with Pixton for my visual artefact, creating ‘A Classroom Scene’ using Skype emoticons, as we discussed in our tutorial last week.



    Michael, re:your visual artefact. The reply feature in Tumblr seems to be limited to 250 characters, and well I’d like to say a bit more old chap. Is there a work around? I could perhaps reblog it in Tumblr? It would be nice if my reply featured in both our lifestreams in some form… Thanks


    Egad! Thanks, Jeremy for catching this. I have a workaround now up on my blog at Sorry about that!



    Thanks for that! I was worried a bit, I think, about the narcissistic nature of my artifact, but I am convinced that if i continue it will be valuable. I access websites for local data a lot, so it’s been interesting to put them on a map. I rarely geotag my pictures, but I like being able to link them with a location in this way, too, so maybe i’ll actually do that in the future.

    And yes, I like that this is a way of getting to know people. :)

  18. Noreen Dunnett Says:


    @marie – I think mine would definitely be more narcissistic than yours embarassingly! It’s all about identity but using myself as the focus! My excuse is I had lots of images of myself!



    I don’t think I will win any prizes for it, but here is the link to my visual artefact – I’m a digital immigrant, get me out of here:

    I have also embedded it onto my blog.

    Fingers crossed it is ok!!


  20. Marie Leadbetter Says:


    @noreen – i love your artifact! And on reflection, I don’t think this is narcissistic, is it? If we’re going to study culture then it has to involve who we are, I think…

  21. Noreen Dunnett Says:


    I’ve posted the opening sequence and a link to the full presentation which is my visual artefact on my blog so that the comments appear in my lifestream so if you could put your comments in my blog, I’d be grateful. Thanks

  22. Alison Johnson Says:


    Hi Jen/Sian

    here is my digital artifact

    this is my third attempt at publishing this comment – so not sure if it will get through?


  23. Sindhu Radhakrishnan Says:


    HI Jen/Sian

    Bit late….Apologies…

    My digital artifact