if you experience any lifestream glitches…

Just a note that a few people are experiencing some last-minute lifestream glitches with various feeds. There seem to have been more of these sorts of glitches this semester than we experienced last year, and some are just coming to light now that you are checking through your lifestreams for submission.

It’s too late to go digging around to try to fix things before tomorrow’s submission date, so what we recommend is that if you notice anything strange in your lifestream when you’re checking through, just leave a note in your blog to let us know what it is (please note: we’re aware already of blipfoto and youtube links not working properly), and we’ll be sure to look for alternative methods of seeing that content when we’re marking. We won’t be penalising anyone for technical glitches, so please don’t worry.

Apologies for the last minute hassles – we’ll be looking at this in detail before the next iteration of the course. We think it’s related to the version of the lifestream plugin we’re using this year – it appears to be less stable than the previous one. Go figure!

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  1. Alison Johnson Says:


    Hi regarding webct submission of lifestream summary- do we have a webct course for digital cultures now – I cant see it in my list?

    How else can we submit the word version of summary as assignment in webct?