week 12 – our last week of semester

hi all, and welcome to week 12, our final week of the course. The buzz around the final assignments continues to build, and Sian and I are really looking forward to experiencing the finished products! Let me just say again how very much we have enjoyed being on this journey with you – you’ve impressed, provoked, delighted, entertained and surprised us at every turn. You should all be extremely proud of what you’ve created together.

A couple of reminders about submission dates and processes for the lifestream and final assignment:

1. Lifestream – due this Sunday (12 December) by midnight. I’ve made a brief screencast that shows you how to edit your lifestream to prepare it for submission. All the instructions for submitting the lifestream are on the lifestream submission page.

2. Assignment – due Sunday 9 January by midnight. All the relevant information about assessment criteria and submission process is on the final assignment page. The expectation is that you will submit a document or web link in WebCT that points to the location of your digital assignment.

There was some discussion last week about keeping in touch after the end of the semester. Some possible ways of doing so are to follow each other on Twitter, and to make friendship links in the Hub. Also, this site will continue to exist (though it will probably be much less frequently visited), as will the #ededc hashtag, and the EDC Hub group (where we had our ethnography discussions in block 2).

Finally, the fantastic Noreen has organised a Second Life festive/end of semester party for the whole MSc in E-learning programme, which will be happening next Monday (13 December) from 7-8pm (UK time). Hope to see you there!

All our warmest wishes and congratulations again on a wonderful semester,

Jen and Sian

5 Responses to “week 12 – our last week of semester”


    Just to second Jen’s compliments to you all – you’ve been an absolutely brilliant group, who’ve made the course a delight to be part of. Where’s that emoticon for ‘glowing with admiration’? :)

  2. Alison Johnson Says:


    Hi Jen/Sian,

    thanks for all the input and prompts too. Its been great to study outside the VLE!

    Do we still get tutor input to assignment development activity posted here up until 9th December?


    thanks, Ali! Yes, we’re happy to give input this week – it would be helpful for you to mail or @tweet us to let us know if there’s something in particular you want comments on.

  4. Alison Johnson Says:


    Thanks Jen, will you be contactable on the assignment up until the 9th of Jan too in that case or does all input end this week?


    hi Ali – for general assignment discussion, it would be best to have that with us this week if at all possible. Neither of us will be on Twitter or the course site much after Friday 10th, but I’ll be available for email enquiries until the 17th (next Friday), and Sian will be able to answer email til the 21st, but then both of us will be offline until the 5th of January.