Thursday chat cancelled

The daytime slot isn’t proving too popular, so we thought we’d just cancel the thursday morning chat and stick to the one this evening.

It’s going to be a big group, so we’ll split into at least two. If you can log in just before 8, Jen or I will invite you into whole group chat briefly before splitting up.

Look forward to seeing you later.

9 Responses to “Thursday chat cancelled”


    ohno! I was going to swap to the one tomorrow morning…i can’t make tonight now.


    ah, sorry Marie – it would have been difficult to have an hour’s tutorial with just a couple of people, so we decided against it. Really sorry you can’t join us this evening. We’ll post up a transcript afterwards, but I know it’s not the same as being there. :-(



    I might be late joining you – going to a GCSE chat at school for my daughter who is embarking upon them

    please look out for me coming online


  4. Marie Leadbetter Says:


    Ahh, I forgive you! Look forward to reading all about it :)


    Will do, Ali – thanks for the heads up.

  6. Charmaine McKenzie Says:


    Sian and Jen:

    Where do you find these lovely pictures to use here?


    Charmaine – just about everywhere! But one place I really like is the ffffound blog – :-)

  8. Siân Bayne Says:


    We both have a bit of an archive – and use flickr, ffffound and google image too : )

  9. Charmaine McKenzie Says:


    Thanks, Sian and Jen. This is helpful. I’m also looking for something that will help someone like me who is graphically or artistically challenged to be able to draw what she has in her head. Suggestions welcome!