If some of your comments aren’t appearing in your lifestream…

I’ve noticed a couple of people (or maybe I’ve seen the same thing twice!) saying that their comments on other blog posts on this site aren’t appearing in their lifestream. There are two possibilities here that I can think of:

1. it can take a while for content to filter into the lifestream – sometimes several hours, depending on when content is refreshed in the lifestream itself. So check back in a while – it may be that you’ll see your comments then.

2. if you are not logged in when you post your comment, the comment won’t appear in your lifestream. If you go to make a comment and you’re asked to type your name, URL etc, then the system is not recognising that you’re logged in already:

not logged in

If your name appears and you don’t have to enter any other information (just your comment), then you’re logged in and your comment should appear in your lifestream:

logged in

If you’re not logged in, the easiest way to get that way is to visit your blog dashboard – http://edc.education.ed.ac.uk/wp-admin – and then return to the page you were trying to comment on.

Comment and let us know if neither of these would seem to apply and you’re still having the issue.

One Response to “If some of your comments aren’t appearing in your lifestream…”

  1. Alison Johnson Says:


    Hi Jen

    you might be right about being logged in. Some comments have my contact details already loaded and ready for submission as part of my reply whilst I have had to add my details for others.

    Comments I made a week ago, still have not appeared so I dont think this is the case. I will ensure I log in before commenting to see if it makes a difference.

    Thanks Ali