Nov 13 2010

Sharon Boyd

Week 8 Reflection

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Thank heavens for the bliss of good old Tumblr! Spent ages trying to get Wordpress to take a Google presentation, no joy – stick it in Tumblr and in it goes, easy as pie.

This week, I’ve spent time sharing and discussing links with my brother – my guest for the week (and hopefully next week too :) ). He shared a really interesting link on developing robots that think “ethically” – slightly worrying mind you – a little too “big brother” with the medication support – made me think of I, Robot – “you shall take your medication” – eek! He’s been looking at some of the ethnographies too, and I look forward to sharing his thoughts.

I tweeted a really neat internet infographic – simultaneously superb and every so slightly disturbing (how many emails?!)

Two visual artefacts this week to sum up my thoughts on the reading – one a presentation of images that I pulled together as a result of reading Haraway, Hayles and Shields, and which had been bubbling away in my mind all week. The second is an image of me as a hydra – with each head representing one part of the online mosaic that is me (and the zoologist couldn’t help but tweak the Latin name :) ). Helpfully enough, the picture had seven heads and I repeatedly use the same image in multiple locations – result!

What was most important about this was both the need for every online representation of me to be part of the larger whole – multiple “heads” for in truth I do act differently in each virtual location, yet all are “me” – and also for there to be the mythical quality that rears its head (appropriately) in so much of our reading. I had a chance to include the horse as one of the heads, the icon I use for my main work FB and Twitter account, and something that is not included in this lifestream, but where most of my tweeting (well, retweeting!), takes place. It was tempting to create a whole different creature for my SL “selves”, as one avatar appearance is not enough.

Here be Dragons

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  1.   Hugh O'Donnellon 15 Nov 2010 at 8:36 am 1

    I struggled with the readings – content and time wise – and I am still trying to set up my colleague to visit class. I like the Hydra metaphor, as it wasn’t until I began this course that I really began to examine identities – something that should be considered of my many and varied pupils alike.


  2.   Sharon Boydon 21 Nov 2010 at 1:06 pm 2

    Thank you Hugh – the reading was a bit tough to get through, even at this point of the second week I feel as if I’m just beginning to grasp the idea, but it’s like skimming the surface (as with most of our reading). It leads to so much more that it’s hard to pull yourself back and remember the time constraints and what we need to get through on a week-by-week basis.

    Ah sure we’ll get there though :)

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