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Dec 11 2010

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Sharon Boyd

Summary Flipbook :)

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Nov 24 2010

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Sharon Boyd

Posthuman Pedagogy Task

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horse instal image Your challenge this week is to explore the concept of horses and biotechnology. Reflect on the meeting ground between horses and biotech – what does this mean to you? What ideas or concerns does this raise?

This is a very open task, so you can approach it from any direction you like. Likewise, your reflection can be in the form of images, words, slides, movie clips, a poster… whatever works best for you. At the end of the week, we will be sharing all the reflections and discussing this topic together.

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Nov 19 2010

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Sharon Boyd

A Double First for Me!

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First, thank you Hugh for introducing me to XtraNormal – this was the first time I used it and it was superb. Second, this is my first video to post to YouTube, so I’m pretty thrilled. Third, this is a reflection on cyber-existence based on a mash-up of a poem I know well and my own thoughts and words, a blending of human, animal and machine, together with a new experiment on my digital presence, and it worked much better for me than I had anticipated. And finally, as is often the way, while this was supposed to be a deep and meaningful reflection, the sight of the wee bear being so pensive, nevermind the pause at the sound of the crow, has had me falling off my chair laughing. The wonderful thing about XtraNormal is that, while I know I put in the camera angles and the looks to camera, the animation and the words, wee Amergin Bear truly has a life of his own :)

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Oct 12 2010

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Sharon Boyd

Artefact 1

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Reflections in the mirror

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