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Dec 11 2010

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Sharon Boyd

Summary Flipbook :)

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Nov 02 2010

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Sharon Boyd

My Ethnography

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I had a really exciting 10 days. My first ethnography had to be shelved, as the group leader didn’t respond in time to let me know if they were happy for me to carry out the ethnography. I then turned to my list of other options and was in the process of deciding where I wanted to go with this when “ping!” as if by magic (and yes, thinking of the Mr Benn quote there James!), Terry Pratchett came to the rescue with an invitation to a group activity that caught my attention. It was an immediate reaction – something that affected me emotionally (yes, I really like Terry Pratchett’s work!) and drew me into the group much more quickly than would normally happen for me, as I’m pretty reserved in open online groups.

No, honestly, I am!

Here is my ethnography, and also my first experience of Prezi myself, and it’d be great to hear all your feedback. I’m looking forward to exploring with you all this week too!

And to finish it all off – Terry Pratchett posted up a thank you on FB on the 3rd November, and I added my return thanks with a link to my Prezi – I’ll keep you posted on any replies! :)

Ethnography Final

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