Dec 11 2010

Sharon Boyd

Final Summary Reflection

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I’m not sure what this final post should ideally be, but part of me doesn’t want to write it. Is it that I do not want this to come to an end or that I do not want to let it go or set it free?

So I took the easier route and spent today being creative – another artefact to close the course. The Flipbook tool choice was my husband’s suggestion – I had planned a ZooBurst pop-up book but was hitting a problem when it came to representing everyone. He said that it would be better if I had a flip-page image of me transforming into “cyborg Sharon” – tying the end up with the beginning – and so it has become. (Apologies still to everyone – I could only manage smileys and flowers – so you became smiles and rainbows, which is how I think of you – etheric cyborgs one and all :) )

What I hope my lifestream shows is how much creative inspiration I have taken from this course. How the tasks, readings, tweets and Tumblings, music and musings have woven themselves together to create a tapestry of my learning process. I have to remind myself that it doesn’t end here – I have taken so much from this that I wished I had time to spend with, and now I have been given that wish.

Every living thing has a life of its own – and my lifestream is most certainly alive. Looking back on the elements of the lifestream, reading through my offline journal – now updated and digitised – I’m aware of how important this journalling process has been.

Comments I made, notes to myself at the beginning, are far enough from me now in time that I can look and be inspired anew, or reminded of things I thought I would do and have forgotten – or haven’t started yet. This isn’t the past, it’s a guide for the future, for me anyway.

It is not simply that my “digital life” has been recorded here, but more that my thoughts, reflections and collections have taken on their own life – drawing energy from the web when I click the Publish switch. Once that happens, they cease to be “mine” and are shared with everyone, become part of their thoughts, their comments adding to my posts, their observations adding to my work in the same way that I hope my comments add to theirs.

My last Tumbr post for the lifestream talks about the inspiration of the hazel tree. Like hazel, I have delved my roots deeply into my lifestream – others have been like the salmon sharing their knowledge with me, and I hope I have shared a few kernels of knowledge along the way :) Like this reflection, my Flipbook artefact is cyclical (by tool design rather than my ability, but all things are connected!). One key thing our work together showed is that, with culture, nothing is “new”, simply blended with, adding to and building on those that have gone before us.

What we post this year has come from the inspiration of our lives and those students who came before us, and I like to think that maybe this may inspire those who come after us too.

Thank you Jen, Sian and everyone on the course – and see you all in Second Life on Monday!

The picture below is my lifestream given “face and form” – and I think I’m ready to let her go.

Lifestream Elemental

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