Dec 05 2010

Sharon Boyd

Week 11 Reflection

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The last weekly reflection – this time next week, it’ll be the final overall reflection. I wish I could have made this course run longer – it feels like we’ve only just started. I know that’s the point, that we’re now supposed to leap in and learn from our personal experiences from this point on (thinking about Marie’s posthuman pedagogy task!), but still I’m going to miss the camaraderie of the course space.

This week, thanks in no small part to Alastair McIntosh, I got my essay title in place, and a rough idea of how I am going to approach it. But that is very much only the start – I’m glad I’ve got another week for discussing and clarifying and fine-tuning.

I shared a link at the beginning of the week to an essay entitled Franken-Rat. This exploration of what it means to become posthuman from the physiologic influencing the spiritual/psychologic state I found really interesting, quite a deep reflection – plus I like the symborg (human-virus symbiotic cyborg) reflection fascinating. Not sure how I can “use” it visibly, but it’s brewing away in my head.

I also posted some other delicious links – including one to the Experience Project, which I spotted as a comment in an article on winter. I thought it sounded wonderful, but I’ve spent some time investigating it since. Many of the “communities” or groups only have a small membership – though I have joined some for nature that may be of use in my essay (nevermind my life). It’s interesting, perhaps not as wonderful as I thought earlier in the week, but then, it may prove me wrong! I did briefly consider it might be an interesting format for my essay – particularly if I went down the mini-auto-ethnography route. Still pending that one, as it would be interesting to see if I had any input – members joining my group and commenting on my life stories.

Discussions with Jeremy on his shamanistic posthuman pedagogy task have been great – that shamanistic aspect of learning has touched something for me – that blending of ontology and epistemology perhaps that is echoed in my own essay topic choice. The feedback from others on my posthuman pedagogy task was so profound. I love that – I love how other people’s comments help you to see and understand your own work so much better.

Tweets sharing good resources and commenting on Michael and James’ superb essay idea and poll to #ededc, but also “personal” tweets (i.e. not to #ededc) with two examples of the use of social networking to reach larger groups. The first – a “rethink” of journalism using social media and crowdsourcing. We’re already using this to some extent, but it was good to see it in one article. The second, a man who was deeply affected by stories of the rape and resulting trauma undergone by women in the Congo. He didn’t just think “oh that’s dreadful” and then leave it at that – he ran, he tweeted and posted and raised awareness. He visited, he took action – and he hasn’t given up. So many of us think and reflect but don’t “do” or let a feeling of helplessness overcome us – “what can I do, what difference will it make?”.

On a lighter note, more tweets on the weather – and the joy of the snow compounded by impacts on work (working from home, loss of electricity and internet connection) and home (oh my poor plants!).  I thought the picture below summed our week up nicely… :)

 pooh and piglet thinking in the snow

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