Nov 28 2010

Sharon Boyd

Week 10 Reflection

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I started this week commenting on the hydra-connections in our reading on Tumblr. I love the warm fuzzy you get when the ideas you have, the images you see, are shared by others – that feeling of confirmation – that your “aha!” moment was spot on. A community of understanding, like-mindedness, shared thoughts perhaps?

The JISC newsletter brought great inspiration on Tuesday – good ideas, opportunities, items that connected with earlier and current discussions or thoughts in my head. It was great to share them with the group.

I posted my posthuman pedagogy task on Tuesday, mindful of the fact that there was only a week, and I needed to get something “up there” early on. Biesta’s article, though requiring a double-read, helped a lot with my topic – as did looking at the tasks we had been given before and “borrowing” (ahem!) the structure.

By Tuesday also, evidence of my change in essay ideas come to the fore, with links to e.g. Earth as Art. The last three weeks had taken my original idea for an essay and turned it on its head. I’m still pondering, with an “almost there!” feeling that the final idea has nearly arrived. I had earlier been thinking about environmental activism online – it had been part of my original idea for my ethnography which, likewise, had to undergo a topic change. The last three weeks, our work on the cyborg, the soul/spirit of the machine reflections, have got themselves all tangled up like spaghetti wires. Strongest comes that sense of posthuman responsibility – which again appeared in our reading this week.

And so, the latter part of this week was spent lost in thought.  Like the image below, I can see the edges, the surface, but haven’t seen the whole. It is an incomplete vision, but like my lifestream, coming into view :)

invisible woman

Separate from the course, we ran face-to-face exams this week for candidates who we only knew online before this. The candidates travelled from around the UK, bringing their own stories, plans for the weekend, traveller’s tales and it was that wonderful mixing of the person you have come to know online, with the chance to get to know each other all over again… and have real instead of virtual biscuits for a change! Invigilating exams and coordinating rooms, exam scripts, examiners and candidates is immediate and time consuming, but does have the benefit of leaving some parts of your mind whirring away and processing essay thoughts “behind the scenes”.

Like the invisible woman, I was here, but not here!

Plans for the coming week: while there are no specific course readings, I really need time to catch up with the reading I have downloaded around the topics we have been covering, to gel the final essay plan and to spend time looking at other people’s pedagogy tasks – and being inspired and awe-struck as usual, I have no doubt!

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