Nov 21 2010

Sharon Boyd

Week 9 Reflection

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What a week!

There is quite a bit of music this week, as I was working on developing interactive stats examples for one of the courses I work on (the statisticians did the stats – no idea what it meant, but it looks good :) ). I find it easier to work on something like that with music input too. The adaptations for the lifestream saw me sifting out tunes to leave the remaining songs reflective of my thinking this week on animals/plants/humans/machines – most of which are in my previous post (Technopagans and Cybershamans).

I also had my first XtraNormal experience, leading to my first YouTube movie – wowee!! I took an original poem, The Mystery, which I renamed “Amergin’s Poem”, which connected themes and resonated with this week, and I added a few lines to direct it a little more. It was important to me as it brought my Irish cultural heritage into this lifestream, something which, considering our reading on “hidden” race online (e.g. Nakamura 2008), I felt was very important (see also the inclusion of Clannad).

Not much on delicious – just a couple of links of the many I visited re: shamanism online – fascinating! Plus a link to the website where I found the image I shared on the Wallwisher – it took me this long to figure out what I was going to put there! I love that Haraway-associated image – that medicine-woman image, and, even if the term is outdated (a little like me!), cybershaman.

I have booked time with the scanner this coming week, so my scribbles can be updated and I am a little lost about this coming week’s activity. But as with the rest of the course, you just dive in and learn from the experience – woohoo!!

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