Apr 09 2012

uDrift: Seashells

Published by Dennis Dollens at 04:26 under General

Shell Tower Silhouette Study

Collected shells as tower massing

Collecting only shell with holes made by viruses, I randomly thread them onto small rods making abstract, physical models that serve as a kind of tower from. They are used for sketching and photographs, sometimes video and in a sense become generators for e-learning ideas. The eventual software-mediated design (or text or photographs or drawings) will not look like shells, but may use attributes from their random forms as ideas for architectural or sculptural profiles and silhouettes. After several days of model making, with a few different models made repeatedly on site, the physical studies illustrate methods of stacking, linking, pairing, abutting, cupping, rotating, standing-on-end — assemblages — that substantiate geometric relationships not limited to shell clusters and thus generative design, formal studies. The individual shells are thus actively engaged, sought out, but their embodied relationships, collective forms, and materiality are emergent.

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