Mar 28 2012

uDrift Blog Needed

Published by Dennis Dollens

An Off-Site blog is needed for the Urban Drift class — this will give greater informality to discussions and open potential for group-sourcing and collaboration.

Ideas and volunteers need to:
1. Research free blog territory
2. Beta test the blog on mobile devices for receptivity, legibility, and quality and ease of posts from mobile phones
3. Set up and group-maintain the blog as it hosts the July class

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  1.   Mike Gwaltneyon 13 Jun 2012 at 04:20

    Hi Dennis.

    Are you open to using It works well on mobile devices, and there are apps for posting and management. The price is certainly right, at free.

    Let me know, and if needed I can help set it up.



  2.   Dennis Dollenson 13 Jun 2012 at 13:19

    Hi Mike,

    I opened a Blogger site that I have not done much with yet. The reason for Blogger over Wordpress is it’s ability for dumb phones to post and it’s not clear yet how many in the class will have smartphones. That said, Wordpress is a much richer system (although I’ve not found it’s iPhone app very reliable—but maybe there’s a better app since I last tried it).

    My plan was to begin more serious posting a week before the class and continue through July. I’ll be sending out the handbook a week or so before the class as well.

    Just in case you have a particular interest in making a uDrift Wordpress blog there’s no reason we can’t have it for a project for your work and anyone that wants to join it — The first week is built around mobility in practice — meaning mobile blogging, Tweeting, and especially mapping/tracking — each person in the class will determine the format (blog, video, paper essay etc.) for their projects — and Wordpress would be a good home for mapping layers.

    Do you have experience with Wordpress mobile apps?


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