Mar 24 2012

U-Drift Info

Published by Dennis Dollens

This is summer, this is the deep end — jump into mobility, no grades, low pressure, high return . . .

Having graduated from the MScEL, I’m seeing these three weeks as a non-specific program extension with overlapping boarders and relationships with classes you may have taken or are considering for next semester. We are not connecting with any particular class but will hybridize trails existing courses have blazed. — Our focus will be generatively working with apps in the field, on bike journeys, at the beach, in the mountains, in urban cafes. We shall discuss some theories shadowing posthumanism, complexity, and mobility but only as generative ways to drive your ideas and app works — no experience necessary when it comes to theory. And, you might think of the projects for these three weeks as digital sampling where m-Learning meets e-Learning. There will be opportunity for individual and group discussions and project development. At the moment I am physically testing procedures using both iOS and Android for logistical mapping and technical possibilities with apps — I’ll keep a running log here and if you are interested in pre-class discussion let me know with blog comments, Tweets, or email.

Our hashtag is #udrift

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