Mar 31 2012

uDrift: Tracking Graffiti

Published by Dennis Dollens at 19:08 under General

While I’m testing apps for environmental and urban mapping, I thought to also begin tracking some subjects that could be researched in Urban Drift projects. These are samples and only intended as examples of possible areas of research. I will be posting topics suitable for u-Drift projects to give an idea of the types of material and subjects that may be approached. With only two examples we could still imagine topology studies of “how to read urban markings,” or “when does graffiti become art,” or “what public service is delivered in graffiti,” etc. In upcoming posts I will create some images where the maps are integrated into the research.

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  1.   Gina Fierlafijnon 02 Apr 2012 at 13:06

    hi Dennis, I am interested in ‘incidental’ landscapes, graffiti and the likes too, so looking forward on discussing this. Gina

  2.   Dennis Dollenson 02 Apr 2012 at 13:39

    Gina, I was just headed out to update images of an urban squat, in the sense that it is liminal space — between legal / illegal; graffiti / sign; and architecture / political action, etc., it may fall well into the category of incidental landscape. If the squat still exists, I’ll post later tonight or tomorrow. Dennis

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