Mar 29 2012

uDrift in a nutshell

Published by Dennis Dollens at 09:11 under General

Urban Drift is a group-sourced, project-based class testing mobiles and smartphones as collaborative devices. While complexity theory propels the class OS, that theory stays in the background. The class involves one or two brief texts per week followed by asynchronous blog discussion. uDrift’s deeper goal is in using mobile phones and apps as constructive, AI imbued, and collaborative m-learning devices. Considered as learning partners, mobile phones then allow a different approach to landscapes and urban places for natural, cultural, and artistic production. It is this territory of mobile-assisted environmental and urban exploration and research, from which our three exercises emerges. The commitment of time will depend on project detail, but on average students should allow between 5 and 8 hours per week.

See the post below for a longer uDrift explanation.

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