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November 15, 2010 · 6 Comments


As a brief aside (respite?) from being Posthuman, and reading the EDC Week 9 introduction, I have decided to blog some initial ideas on ‘the Final Assessment’, and throw myself open to (hopefully) some tips, tricks and hints…

And so I go back to the visual elements introduced in Weeks 3 and 4…


A study of how immersion in ‘media-rich environments’ requires students to develop Digital Visual Literacy, that is to create and understand a range of visual materials, as well as more traditional modes of Literacy.


Amesbury students are required to present and develop their knowledge through a range of media.  Much of this communication, if not all, is in some way visual and multimodal learners are hence developed.

Is this move away from the analogue meaning a shift in how the students think, and indeed ‘read’ and ‘write?’  Can the way in which they are taught, or explore learning tools, allow them to successfully interact across a range of platforms, from handwriting and print, to film and audio to social networking?

What technologies or applications are employed to aid learning and therefore literary development and how successful are these?


A sort of structure to the above

-brief background to the structure of E-Learning and Geography at Amesbury

-definitions of key terms, such as TL and DVL

-introduction to what will be discussed in this blog

-brief introduction to what technology/applications will be discussed

-Final Cut Express / Google Maps / Digital Cameras & Flickr / GeogBlogs / Pixton / Wallwisher and potentially others

-summary of the impact of these methods

-success in promoting DVL

-steps for the future teaching and learning

These are, if you like, an opening salvo of ideas for what my final assignment could ‘look’ like.  It is intended both to act as a critical evaluation of some of the practices which are employed at school and indeed as a guide (hopefully) to others, and how they might use some of the discussed technologies and applications.

Possibly a bit too detailed, but wanted to try to firm things up in my own mind.  Really ‘connected’ with the visual elements we studied, hoping to extend these…just need to find some more readings over and above the ones already studied.

Please feel free to critique ;)

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  •   James Lamb // Nov 16th 2010 at 8:42 am

    Hello Martin, I like your plan and, contrary to your comment on my own blog, I’m envious of the level of detail in terms of structure that you’re already thinking about.

    I wonder whether you might be trying to cover too much, though? I say this based upon my IDEL assignment last year which, as I got more into the subject, steadily grew out of control! Think of the 50s B-Movie ‘The Blog’ as it spreads its way through the city. I ended up trying to cover too many bases and lacked real depth as a result.

    Having said that, I like your topic and it seems like we have a similar interest for the assignment. Perhaps we can collaborate in the research stage, making each other aware of useful resources? Sian/Jen – is that appropriate?

    I also like the applied nature of your assignment – I’ll definitely look forward to seeing the end results from my own professional perspective.


  •   Jeremy Knox // Nov 16th 2010 at 2:30 pm

    Sorry to but in here chaps, however I couldn’t resist:

    ‘Think of the 50s B-Movie ‘The Blog’ as it spreads its way through the city’

    Did you mean ‘The Blob’?:

    I hope you did mean ‘blob’, it would make a fantastic posthumanic Freudian slip…social media tech welling up from the unconscious…

  •   Martin Gibb // Nov 16th 2010 at 3:11 pm

    I did wonder, but thought it was deliberate on your part James, I had visions of my blog extending everywhere, in some sort of uncontrollable mess!

  •   James // Nov 16th 2010 at 4:19 pm

    Errr, that was deliberate. Course it was.

    No, really…

    In other news, I’m about to meet James Cameron to pitch about an idea I’ve just had…

  •   Jen Ross // Nov 18th 2010 at 10:25 am

    hi Martin – good to hear your final assignment thoughts. I tend to agree with James that less is generally more when it comes to assignments, but I can see how you might make this work if you tease out two or three main points relating to DVL that you want to cover in some detail.

    I’d say (and I don’t think you’re saying different, but want to stress it) that discussing technologies is not the same as discussing methods – methods (to me) would be more like ‘reading images’, ‘creating visual metaphors’, ‘filming literacy practices’ (or whatever). It’s important to be sure you are tackling the topic in a scholarly way – drawing on theories from the course readings (and beyond if you like) to analyse particular practices or methods or technologies.

    Finally, remember that you don’t have to produce a standard text-only essay – you can use some of the tech you talk about, if you want to – could be interesting?

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